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 When Worlds Collide- Chp 1+2

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PostSubject: When Worlds Collide- Chp 1+2   Tue Aug 03, 2010 11:34 am

Chp 1

Me: (narrating) Racing has always been a hobby of mine. I first started when my old trainer brought us to a go-kart track in Charlotte. Who's us? Me and my friends. My name is Justin and I'm a Raichu. My three friends are Kyle, a Blaziken, Austin, who is a Lucario, James, who is a Pikachu, and Barry, who is a Grovyle. Our trainer brought us there one summer a few years ago. It was hard at first to master the steering and acceleration and braking, but once we did, we dominated all the races. Our trainer brought us into a Pokemon Center for the night to get some sleep. In the morning, we were thrown out of our Pokeballs by Nurse Joy. We were told he abandoned us and we just looked at her, stunned. We were very disappointed and upset, so we just stayed there for a little while, racing. We all loved racing, and that's what kept our spirits up. We probably stayed for a month, racing bigger and faster go-karts, practically pro ones. We even defeated human drivers. I guess you could say we had a natural talent. We even taught ourselves to speak proper English. And I don't mean some words, I mean FULL, COMPLETE English. But I bet your asking yourself, "Why is this significant?" Well, because this is how we were discovered into the conjoined human-Pokemon NASCAR League.
(Setting: A town named Charlotte, somewhere in Kanto. There is a road course go-kart track, with around 10 turns. On the track, go karts line up for a long 25 lap race. On the track are both Pokemon and humans. Some are amateur drivers, others are veterans. In the line up, as the karts take a slow warm up lap, is a Raichu by the name of Justin. On the left of him (it's a double file start) is his friend, a Lucario named Austin. They have been friends since they could last remember. Austin gave Justin a thumbs up, while Justin just hit his own helmet and pointed to the front, telling him to look at the road. Justin and Austin started 6th and 7th respectively. James started 11th, Barry 13th, and Kyle, up in 3rd. The karts slowly approach the starting line. Just then, a man waves a green flag and the karts roar off down the long stretch.)

First Person POV- Justin

(As the karts roared down the track, I pounded the gas and took off. The kart thrusted forward and the race was on. The straightaway was nice and long, letting the karts hit speeds of about 50 MPH. The first turn was a sharp right turn, so you had to hit the brakes pretty early if you didn't want to mess it up, but of course, about three karts ahead of me went too wide, tangled up, and smacked into the wall, moving me up to third. Kyle had moved up to first while Austin snuck by me on the right and took 2nd, while both of us slipped by another human. The next turn was a shallow left then a hard right, but was pretty easy if you knew when to hit the brakes. The next three turns were easy lefts while turn 7 and 8 were 90 degree rights, followed by a hard left and hard right into the straightaway. The first 15 laps were very smooth with me, Austin, and Kyle fighting for position. Around lap 16 though, as we entered turn 1, Austin got sideways and almost spun out. Me and Kyle took off ahead of him and it was just me and him. By now, the others were toiling in our dust, so things got rough between me and him. For the last 10 laps, we rubbed and scraped and did everything else to get to first besides spin each other out. As we came out of turn 10 on the last lap, we rubbed again, this time into the wall. We recovered, but as we approached the finish line, a kart swept by with a green blue in it.)
Me: Holy-!
Kyle: WHOA!
(The kart crossed the finish line before we could. Me and Kyle finished in a photo finish, me edging him out by about a foot for second place. As we pulled onto pit road, we saw who passed us… Barry. We both got out to greet him.)
Me: (Dang Barry, where'd you come from?)
Barry: (Didn't expect that to happen, now did ya?)
Kyle: (No way! That was amazing!)
Barry: (Thanks.)
(Austin and James walked up to us.)
Me: (What happened to you two?)
Austin: (That wreck caused me to fall back to 6th.)
James: (I came way back in 8th.)
Barry: (Well, out of 20 karts, that was pretty good.)
James: (Thanks)
(A man walks up to us, which puzzles me.)
Man: Hello, how are you five today?
(We all just stared at him.)
Me: Raichu?
Man: C'mon, I know you can talk English.
(I look around to make sure no one else is listening.)
Me: We don't really like to talk English in public.
Man: Well, I understand. Listen, I'd like to talk to you guys over by my shop later today. Interested?
(We all nodded except for Austin.)
Man: Great, my shop is just down the road. I'll see you later, say an hour?
(We all nod again.)
Man: Great, see you then!
(The man walks away. Austin is frozen in awe.)
Barry: (Austin? You okay?)
Austin: (Th-th-th…)
Kyle: (Speak the word man!)
Austin: (That was Denny Hamlin!)
Justin: (You mean that driver on the television?)
Austin: (Yea, he's my favorite! I can't believe he was here!)
(Kyle, James, and Barry just gave us WTF looks and had no clue what we were talking about.)
Justin: (I'll explain later, but let's get another race in to kill time.)
(Just then, a low rumbling is heard.)
Kyle: (Sorry)
Justin: (Or eating is fine too…)
(We walk into the nearby Pokemon Center, where Joy has been taking very good care of us. She wanted to see if our trainer would come back, but I knew he wouldn't anytime soon. After lunch, we walked to the nearby shop he was talking about. When we walked the ¼ mile, all of our jaws dropped. In front of us was a huge building. There was luscious grass in front of it, with a big stone plaque that said, "Hamlin Motorsports" and a replica of Denny's FedEx Sprint Cup Car.)
Austin: (Whoa…)
Kyle: (Dang, this place is big…)
Justin: (Too right…)
(Barry and James were speechless.)
Me: (Are you just going to stand there or are you coming in?)
(They shook off their awe to see me, Kyle, and Austin at the front door and scrambled to us. We opened the door and took in even more. It was just a big room, but on the right was the garages (which took up half the building I may add) and to the left were the offices. But as if on cue, Denny and another man walked in.)
Denny: Oh, you're here!
Man: You're telling me your prospects are Pokemon?
Me: And that's supposed to mean?
(The man froze up when he heard me talk.)
Man: I like 'em already.
Denny: Told ya, anyways, I see you've taken a liking to the shop already?
Austin: Definitely.
Denny: Good to hear, I'd like you to follow me. Brian, go get the files from the office.
(Brian ran off to the left and we followed him into the back. He took us into a room on the left. It was a decently sized table, big enough to fit all of us. We all sat at the table.)
Denny: So listen, I've seen you guys racing at the nearby track here and wanted to know if you guys would like to join the big leagues.
Kyle: Excuse me?
Denny: I want to know if you want to join NASCAR.
(At the sound of this, Austin fell backwards and fainted.)
Me: Sorry about him, he does that when he gets too excited…
Denny: Haha, it's fine! But listen, I have an idea for your decision…
Us: ???
Denny: Follow me.
(We walked across the hall into a garage.)
Denny: These are my five Modified cars. These are all ready for testing if you'd like.
Me: That'd be great, but where are we supposed to test them?
Denny: Got that covered.
(He opened the garage's doors and even I almost fainted. Outside, was a beautiful, big oval.)
Me: Whoa, didn't see that coming…
Austin: Wow…
Kyle: Cool.
Denny: Like it, now go ahead, choose the one you like.
(I looked at them all and went to a jet black car with a Gamestop sponsor on it. I climbed through the window and sat in the seat. It was very comfortable. I pulled down the helmet that was hanging up and put it on. It fit perfectly and snugly around my head. I couldn't reach the pedals though, but then Denny came over.)
Denny: Let me fix that for you.
(He easily adjusted it and I could now push them down with ease.)
Denny: This track is about three quarters of a mile. Might want to tap the brakes entering the turn.
Me: Got it.
Denny: You seem quite eager. You're first so go after it!
(He flipped a switch and the engine roared to life.)
(He closed the safety net and I slowly took the car forward. I wanted to get used to the stick shift so I took the first lap slow, but as a came out of turn four, I floored it. This car was FAST. I must've topped 130 MPH before having to hit the brakes. The car was loud too, deafening even. The car also had great handling as I could easily take the inside of the track. I got a good five laps in before a sign hanging over the track said, "One lap to go, SLOW DOWN". As I rounded turn four, the wall opened up, leading to the garage, so I slowed myself and parked in the garage. I took off the helmet, opened the net, climbed out and yelled: )
Denny: I figured you'd like it.
(I watched from the garage as the others took five laps. James had a hard time grasping it at first, stalling and spinning out, but when he got it, he FLEW down the track. When everyone had finished, we all returned to the meeting room.)
Denny: So, how was it?
Me: Great!
Austin: AWESOME!
James: That was awesome!
Kyle: Cool!
Barry: Something I'd like to do again.
Denny: So, want to join the team?
Denny: Haha, good to hear, but let me say, the people you'll be racing will be real pros. Don't expect it to be easy.
Us: Never…
Denny: Good, I hope you're ready. The season will begin in two weeks.
(Me: (narrating) And that's how we found our way into Nascar. Maybe next time, I'll tell you how we got into the Sprint Cup.)

Chp 2

Me: (narrating) The years we raced flew by. We raced two season in the Modified Tour. The first season was rather rough, our team's best was Kyle that year, coming in 3rd in the points standings. Austin came in 9th, me 11th, James 14th, and Barry 5th. The following year, Austin clutched the entire season, winning the championship, but just barely beating me out by 29 points. Kyle had it rough that year, coming in 17th, James improved to 9th, and Barry still came in 5th. That year, Denny offered to bump all of us up to the Nationwide Series, in which we all happily accepted. The 27 races so far have been long and hard. Right now, I'm 10th in points, Austin is 9th, Kyle 4th, James 12th, and Barry… he's 5th AGAIN. We're coming up on the last race of the season, the Ford 300 at Homestead-Miami. This is where all the marbles would be dealt. Me, Austin, and James are out of contention for the points, but if Kyle or Barry could win it, it would be a rookie miracle.
(I am now standing behind the pit road wall, up next to my crew chief.)
CC: Have to watch the turns here, no banking so it will be a little bit like New Hampshire, so take it easy in the turns.
Me: Alright… I just hope same day qualifying and racing will help.
CC: We'll see, anyways, you're coming up so go get 'em.
Me: Alright, thanks.
(I climbed down from the pit box and stood on the pit road wall. My car was still #23 and jet black, but had different sponsors on it. The main sponsor was Gamestop, which I love haha. The other sponsor I had was Campbell's Soup, on the rear of the car. I looked at my teammates cars too. Austin had the #27 with the Dr. Pepper sponsor. His car was colored the same as a can of Dr. Pepper. James had the #12, sponsored by Halo, a game for the Xbox 360. Kyle had the #97 Castrol car and Barry had the #13 Shonen Jump car. After looking around for a moment, I jumped off the wall and climbed into my Ford. I put on my helmet, put up the safety net, and waited for my turn. Denny walked up to my car, his Sprint Cup firesuit on.)
Denny: Good luck today.
Me: Thanks, I hope I do well.
Denny: You'll do fine, just watch the corners here and you'll be okay.
Me: Got it.
(He walked away and hopped over the wall. Now, it was my turn to qualify. I fired up the engine and crawled my way off of pit road. After I passed through the pits, I got faster and faster. I reached about 167 MPH before getting into Turn 3, which I slowed to about 125. I stormed down the front stretch and watched the green flag wave. It was on. I quickly sped down the rest of the front stretch into Turn 1. I tapped the brakes again to round the turn and got a great run off of 2. The car was driving like a dream into 3 and 4. As I passed the finish line, my Crew Chief informed me: )
CC: Your lap time was 32.186, good enough for 4th.
Me: Alright, that's good enough for me.
(I rounded the track once again, pulled into the pits and into the garage area. Austin was already there.)
Austin: Hey, that was a nice run!
(I climbed out of the car.)
Me: Thanks, how'd you do?
Austin: You bumped me down to 11th!
Me: Sorry.
Austin: Nah, it's cool. Still top half. We're just waiting on the others.
Me: Alright, I'm going into the trailer.
Austin: Alright, I'll see ya later.
(I walked out of the garage and towards my team's trailer. I did have to sign a few autographs (Yes, I know how to write), but it was okay. After I did get to the trailer, I turned on the TV and lied down on the sofa. I was still a bit tired, so I closed my eyes to rest up. It wasn't long before qualifying was over, because only after probably five minutes, a new show turned on. I just ignored it and started to doze when I heard a knock at the door.)
Me: Hm? Come in!
(The door opened and my spotter, Mewley, came in. She was a Mew. It was odd that a legendary Pokemon would be my spotter, but I saved her life.)
(It was the off-season and I was driving down the road in my black Mustang. It was around 9 PM and I just wanted to get to the shop, but off to the side of the road, I saw something pink and moving very slowly. I let curiosity get to me and parked to the side of the road. I walked up to see the poor Mew struggling for survival.)
Mewley: Please… I'm… going to… die.
Me: No one's dying tonight!
(I carefully picked her up and brought her to the car. I placed her carefully in the passenger seat and jumped into the driver's seat. I threw the car into drive and took off. The Pokemon Center was only ½ a mile down the road. If anyone could help this Mew, it was her. I stormed down the deserted road, pushing 120 MPH. I flew by the shop and kept going, but now, a cop was chasing me. I knew it was risky, but I had to keep going. I saw the Pokemon Center in my sights. I slid the car in front of it, grabbed the Mew, and ran into it.)
(Joy ran out of a room.)
Joy: What is it?
(She saw the Mew I was holding and immediately took her to the E.R. As she did, I felt a sudden electric charge hit me. I turned around only to black out. I woke up not to long after to find myself on the waiting bench and Joy yelling at the cop.)
Joy: I go to heal a Pokemon for 10 minutes and find this Raichu on the ground, out cold, hit with your baton and tazed in the back! You should be ashamed of yourself! He was just helping a hurt Pokemon!
Cop: But-
(She stormed off into the E.R again. I rubbed my head and took in my surroundings. I was surprised the cop didn't arrest me. I just sat there for a little while, waiting to see what would happen to the Mew. Another cop walked in and took the first cop outside, I'm not sure why though. After about 15 minutes, Joy walked back into the room.)
Joy: Good, that cop left. Anyways, you're a great driver and a heroic Pokemon. The Mew is making its recovery, but will need a few days before you can see her.
(I took a sigh of relief, but was a little disappointed.)
Joy: I think you should get back home. You can come back in two days to see it.
(I was a little upset Joy called the Mew IT, but I thanked her and left. When I did, I couldn't help but feel bad for leaving her, but I had a different, strange feeling as well. I wasn't sure, so I let it go. After she recovered, she was very grateful, and watched me and my friends practice. After she learned some about racing, she became my new spotter.)
[Flashback End]
(Mewley flew in and hovered onto the sofa. I sat up to give her a little space.
Mewley: Last race of the season, huh?
Me: Yea… can't believe how fast it has gone!
Mewley: I know, right? I'm just nervous I'll mess up.
Me: You'll do fine! Just relax a little. Inside is left, outside is right.
Mewley: I know, but…
Me: Just relax! You won't do that bad! You've been a great spotter all year!
(She blushed a little.)
Mewley: Stop! You're making me blush!
(I just smiled, closed my eyes and sat back in the sofa.)
Mewley: Tired?
Me: Yea, just want to rest before the race.
Mewley: I guess I'll leave you to your privacy. I'll see you later.
Me: Later.
(She left out the door and I dozed off, but before I knew it.)
Me: Wha-?!
(Austin almost ripped the door open.)
Austin: C'mon! The race is starting soon!
Me: Alright, alright! Calm down!
(I got up and ran out of the trailer, but suddenly, the world went whirly and I was suddenly in front of my car.)
CC: Nice of you to join us.
Me: Sorry…
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and remove your hats as we play Kanto's National Anthem…
(All the teams line up as the song is played. Jets fly over towards the end as everybody cheers. The teams huddle up, pray, chant, and separate. I climb into my car and put on the helmet. I activated the radio.)
Me: Mewley, did you teleport me and Austin again?
Mewley: Well, you would've been late again!
Me: Alright, that's reasonable.
(I was surprised an Elite Four Champ would be the Grand Marshal, but I ignored it and fired up the engine. The pace car then led us onto the track. Next to me was Kyle and in front was Carl Edwards and Martin Truex Jr. I was anxious to get this race through with. We took two warm up laps slowly around the track. As we rounded the second time, the pace cars pulled off the track, the green flag, and I pounded the gas. It was on. The first lap was run hard. Into Turn 1, Kyle fought ahead of me, so I helped him to the front by bump drafting him, but it wasn't enough to get by Truex. Into Turn 3, he blocked all of our attempts to pass. We raced around for over 50 laps and even made a green flag pit stop, but Truex stayed out front. By Lap 56, I was fed up.)
Me: Kyle, go high! I'll go low!
Kyle: Got it.
(And the plan was working perfectly.)
Mewley: Outside, three wide. Oh wait! Caution's out, caution's out.
Me: What?!
Mewley: Yea, behind you on the front stretch. James clipped Brad Keselowski.
Me: Great, alright, time to pit.
(The first time we passed the pits, it was closed. Second time, it was open. Most of the pack went into the pits. My pit stall was near the end.)
Me: Four tires, two cans of gas, leave the track bar.
CC: You heard 'em boys!
(I pulled into the pit box and the guys went to work. The stop was very fast, but as I pulled out…)
(Truex managed to beat me out of pit road.)
Me: Alright, where are you guys?
Kyle: Right behind ya.
Barry: Fifth…
Austin: Twelfth
James: Damn it, back in twentieth.
Me: Alright Kyle, try that again?
Kyle: Let's.
(As the green flag waved, me and Kyle were determined to get by Truex. As we entered Turn 1, we tried it again, this time with success. Truex blocked me, but Kyle swung by high. As we ran into three, Truex tried to get low under Kyle to pass again, but went too low, hit the apron, and spun in front of me. I swerved high, but he barely clipped my rear fender.)
Mewley: Caution's out…
CC: You okay?
Me: Fine, fine, how's the damage?
CC: It's not serious at all, you won't need to repair it until next stop.
Me: Alright.
(The rest of the race from there went smoothly as me, Kyle, and even Barry all attempted for the top spot. Green flag pit stops were a breeze, cautions were very minimal for blown tires or solo spin-outs. Around Lap 198, the top 5 was Clint Bowyer, Jeff Burton, Steve Wallace, me, and Kyle. But as the cars rounded turn 1 on Lap 199, Burton tapped Bowyer, causing both to spin and collect Wallace, but me and Kyle swerved out of it.)
Me: Whoa!
Kyle: That was close!
James: Damn it, I got hit, I'm out.
(James got into Wallace, hitting him T-bone style. James' front was severely damaged.)
Me: Then that means…
Austin: Green, white, checkered baby!
(I couldn't help but laugh at that. The clean was surprisingly quick, taking only two laps. As we got to the restart, I was pumped and full off adrenaline. We took off down the front stretch as the green flag waved, and ran quickly into Turn 1. As we exited two, me and Kyle rubbed side to side, him on the outside. As we entered 3, I got a run ahead and took off down the front stretch again out of four as I got the white flag.)
CC: One lap to go, make it count!
(We entered 1 again, and Kyle shoved his way inside of me, almost spinning me.)
Me: Hey!
Kyle: You had it coming!
(We rubbed again down the back stretch and into 3 and 4. We were side by side as me and Kyle stuck onto each other as we ran down the front stretch. We crossed the finish line, but I wasn't sure who won.)
Me: Dang! Close finish! So, who won?
Mewley: Kyle beat you out by a few inches.
CC: That was a good run today Justin.
Me: Thanks guys, great job today, great job.
(Everyone made their way onto pit road except for Kyle, who did his victory burnouts alongside Matt Kenseth, who had won the championship. This was his first win this year and I felt happy for him. I climbed out of the car as one of the TV Reporters approached me. I knew she wanted an interview, so I happily agreed and talked to her about the race and the final few laps and how I was happy for Kyle. After that, I worked my way to the Victory Circle to congratulate Kyle. I got in just in time for him to spray me in the face with champagne.)
Me: Hey, c'mon!
Kyle: C'mon, it's only champagne, not going to kill ya.
(I laughed a little as he took his turn for the interview. Denny was there to congratulate him and me for a good race. I walked back to the car a little while after and brought the car to the trailer. My crew helped put it in as I went into the trailer and sat on the sofa again. I flipped the TV onto ESPN and watched the pre-race show. As I did, I heard a knock on the door.)
Me: Come in Mewley.
Mewley: How'd you know it was me?
Me: You come in every time after a race.
Mewley: True, but that was a good race today.
Me: A good season more like it. You did good today.
Mewley: Aw, thanks.
(She hovered over and hugged me, which surprised me, but I accepted it. It was soon interrupted by a knocking at the door again. This time it was Denny.)
Denny: Hey guys, that was an awesome run this season.
Me: Thanks.
Denny: Yea, I saw you got ninth in points, bumped Truex right out of eighth when he wrecked. But listen, that's not the reason I'm here. I'm here to ask you if you're ready for the Sprint Cup?
Me: Are you serious?!
Denny: Dead serious!
Me: Wow! Of course!
Denny: Great, I'll talk more about it at the shop, alright?
Me: Yeah, cool.
Denny: Alright, see ya.
(He walked out.)
Mewley: Wow, that's great! Next season will be awesome, and… I'll be there every race.
(She got me to blush a little, but I shook it off and smiled.)
Me: Yep, it will be. I'm going to go find the others.
Mewley: Alright.
(Me: (narrating) And that's how we found our way into the Sprint Cup series. During the off-season, James found a girlfriend, an Eevee named June. Everyone else though was pumped and getting ready for the next season, the big leagues… the Sprint Cup.)


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When Worlds Collide- Chp 1+2
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